Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Spring Festival

I went to Spring Festival of Awareness over the last weekend in April.  This is the largest metaphsical festival in Canada and it is super close to my house. 

Anyway - I didn't know exactly what my goal was there this time so I just showed up.
I had committed to doing a total of 6 hours of tarot readings in exchange for my entrance fee being waived.  I also had to sent up vendor stuff to sell.

I got there, set up, chilled out a bit and the did 6 thirty minute readings in a row.  My brain was cooked by the end of it.  After that I sat in the grass and ate some food and then went to the opening ceremonies. 

The opening ceremonies started with a bunch of dancing and singing in a very large group.  That was fun.  There was lots of laughter and movement and fun.  After about 40 minutes of that we all collected chairs and sat down to recieve a 'Oneness Blessing'.  A lovely gentleman explained that this blessing is given by a select few people who have studied in this specific school in India to channel energy and project it to everyone there.  It is a rare thing and few experience it in North America.  I have a very open mind but even this one left me going . . . ok . . . right . . . . I will be polite.  All I can say is I have no idea what happend but it was amazing.  The woman who was in a trance just sat on the stage and looked at everyone one but one.  Whatever energy was flying around that place was rather magical and I can't even put into words the physical sensations.  After that the lovely ladies who brought their crystal bowls played them for awhile to regoup and bring everyone back to reality for the announcements and instructor introductions.

Saturday morning I attended a Shamanic Sound Journey.  This is a combination of shamanic rhythmic breathing and listening to the sounds of didgereedoos, gongs, bells, drums, etc.  It was transformational in a sense that your whole senses were overloaded and you kinda just floated.  I went into a very deep meditation and loved it.  I would do that again anytime!
Lunch I just hung out.
Afternoon I went and lent a hand with a good friend of mine in her workshop as she has been ill.  I was just there for support.  We did 3 past life regressions.  I sucsessfully completed 2.  The first one was a bust for me and I just fell asleep!  Ah well.
Supper I flaked on the grass again, visited with people and relaxed.
Evening was a Crystal Bowl Chakra Meditation.  That was super fun.  I have done Crystal Bowl meditation many times and I can feel the vibrations of the sound penetrate right through me.  It is a wonderful feeling.  Some fine it annoying and nauseating and can't stay in the room.  I just sink into the sound.

Sunday was another 3 hours of tarot readings.  Then I went and supported my friend again during her class on Tarot - it was cool.

Overall I had an amazing and relaxing weekend.  It kinds hit the re-set button on my spiritural side.  That was a good thing.

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