Thursday, 10 May 2012

Cleaning causes chaos

I have decided that cleaning up a cluttered area just causes more chaos.

I have been trying to clean up my studio.  I have a piano studio that I teach out of part time.  It also has my desk and my card making stuff.  It also ia a place to stash all my fibre for spinning and dying.  Then it became a place to stash all the supplies for the up-cycled sweater coats.
Now it looks like a dorm room had a party in there.

I decided to clean up.  Start with one wall and work around.  All it seems to have done is push the stuff like a snow plow around and made it look worse.

The kids de-cluttered their rooms this past weekend and brought up all the stuff they don't want.  Some of it I am selling, all that is stored in the living room. 

The working parts of the 'for sale' stuff is all over the dining room.

Right now it looks like I should call the producers of Hoarders and get an intervention.

Wifey made a beautiful new up-cycled pixie coat and I wanted to take a picture of it.  I tried to frame it to miss all the crap piled up in the room and decided to not even try.  It was futile.  Then I alsmost started taking picutres of the piles and laughing at the total absurdity of it all. 

Ah well - I have the weekend at home and I know what I will be doing!

Tomorrow night I get to take my lovely daughter to her tap solo festival competition.  Should be fun - I haven't seen her dance this number yet so it will be a surprise :)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Spring Festival

I went to Spring Festival of Awareness over the last weekend in April.  This is the largest metaphsical festival in Canada and it is super close to my house. 

Anyway - I didn't know exactly what my goal was there this time so I just showed up.
I had committed to doing a total of 6 hours of tarot readings in exchange for my entrance fee being waived.  I also had to sent up vendor stuff to sell.

I got there, set up, chilled out a bit and the did 6 thirty minute readings in a row.  My brain was cooked by the end of it.  After that I sat in the grass and ate some food and then went to the opening ceremonies. 

The opening ceremonies started with a bunch of dancing and singing in a very large group.  That was fun.  There was lots of laughter and movement and fun.  After about 40 minutes of that we all collected chairs and sat down to recieve a 'Oneness Blessing'.  A lovely gentleman explained that this blessing is given by a select few people who have studied in this specific school in India to channel energy and project it to everyone there.  It is a rare thing and few experience it in North America.  I have a very open mind but even this one left me going . . . ok . . . right . . . . I will be polite.  All I can say is I have no idea what happend but it was amazing.  The woman who was in a trance just sat on the stage and looked at everyone one but one.  Whatever energy was flying around that place was rather magical and I can't even put into words the physical sensations.  After that the lovely ladies who brought their crystal bowls played them for awhile to regoup and bring everyone back to reality for the announcements and instructor introductions.

Saturday morning I attended a Shamanic Sound Journey.  This is a combination of shamanic rhythmic breathing and listening to the sounds of didgereedoos, gongs, bells, drums, etc.  It was transformational in a sense that your whole senses were overloaded and you kinda just floated.  I went into a very deep meditation and loved it.  I would do that again anytime!
Lunch I just hung out.
Afternoon I went and lent a hand with a good friend of mine in her workshop as she has been ill.  I was just there for support.  We did 3 past life regressions.  I sucsessfully completed 2.  The first one was a bust for me and I just fell asleep!  Ah well.
Supper I flaked on the grass again, visited with people and relaxed.
Evening was a Crystal Bowl Chakra Meditation.  That was super fun.  I have done Crystal Bowl meditation many times and I can feel the vibrations of the sound penetrate right through me.  It is a wonderful feeling.  Some fine it annoying and nauseating and can't stay in the room.  I just sink into the sound.

Sunday was another 3 hours of tarot readings.  Then I went and supported my friend again during her class on Tarot - it was cool.

Overall I had an amazing and relaxing weekend.  It kinds hit the re-set button on my spiritural side.  That was a good thing.

Monday, 30 April 2012

Z is for Zen

I can't believe this challenge is at Z already! 

SO I spent the weekend being exceptionally zen.  I went to Spring Festival of Awareness and got my meditative zen on big time.  It was amazing!

I spent many hours in blissfull peace and quiet.

This this morning - work crisis after work crisis, found out about 5 deaths of people - none of whom I know but all who affect people I know, and general chaos. . . . .

Can I go back out to the spiritual place now?

Y is for Yup

Yup, Nope, and Sure.  These words are ones I use when I am non-committal.

Yup - means yes but I have a casual view of it
Nope - means no but again I have a casual view of it
Sure - fine, if I have to, don't want to but feel I have no option of getting out of it.

I try to not use these words as they don't respect or valued the people I am using them with. 

I am trying to get them out of my vocabulary - I want relationships and communication with those in my life to have value and be honored with honesty and respect.  This kind of causal and wishy-washy communication does not value or respect anyone.

X is for X-Ray

I find X-Ray's quite facinating.  To me they look a lot like an ultra sound picture . . . blurry.  I wonder how anyone can see things on it!

I wonder if x-ray techs and ultra sound techs have special eye sight requirements for their job.  To me it is all shadows and blobs. 

My children think that x-rays are facinating - they like to see what is inside their body.  I am not such a fan of them as it means there is a NEED to see inside their body and probably means they have broken something. 

The bonus of breaking something is the cast!  Oh the colors. 

And I digress . . .

Of to catch up with my 'Y' and 'Z' posts . .

Thursday, 26 April 2012

W is for Watermelon

Watermelon is one of those odd things in our house that everyone understands if you are part of our family but no one else gets.

My son is a watermelon fan.  He loves it so much that his dream is to find one large enough that he can cut the bottom off it, insert his head and eat his way out. 

One year he ever recieved a mini watermelon wrapped up under the Christmas Tree.  He drew a face on it, named it, carried it around for a bit and then chopped it up and ate it.

I have never seen someone be able to eat as much watermelon as he can. 

I love the stuff too but there is a limit!

For him it isn't even a love of the theme of watermelons.  He doesn't want to collect them or decorate with the colors - he just wants to eat them!

He is a funny kid :)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

V is for Variety

Variety is the key to moving forward in anything you do.  If there is no variety then whatever you are attempting to do gets boring and the passion leaves and things stagnate.  At least in my life that is what happens.

I have fallen into a rut with weight loss.  I am down 40 pounds and have a LOT more to lose.  This is not a 'get skinny' plan, it is a 'get to a healthy place' plan.  I have fallen into a rut eating the same thing at the same time etc.  My body has adjusted.

Today is day one of adding variety to my eating habits and shaking things up to remind my body what we are doing here! 

I think I crave a bit too much variety in every day life.  I get a rush of excitement when I have a new big project or task to do - even if it is a boring spreadsheet to build.  It is totally fun to start something - it is the finishing that holds me up!  I don't like it to end.

Anyway - back to my variety of food for the day . . . except the coffee.  I am keeping my coffee!