Monday, 30 April 2012

X is for X-Ray

I find X-Ray's quite facinating.  To me they look a lot like an ultra sound picture . . . blurry.  I wonder how anyone can see things on it!

I wonder if x-ray techs and ultra sound techs have special eye sight requirements for their job.  To me it is all shadows and blobs. 

My children think that x-rays are facinating - they like to see what is inside their body.  I am not such a fan of them as it means there is a NEED to see inside their body and probably means they have broken something. 

The bonus of breaking something is the cast!  Oh the colors. 

And I digress . . .

Of to catch up with my 'Y' and 'Z' posts . .

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  1. This made me laugh. My daughter had to have x-rays of her back a couple of weeks ago. We neglected to mention to the tech that she has some calcified aneurysms that would show up in the picture. He FREAKED out, immediately called our doc to inform him. Oops. Lesson learned. Warn the x-ray techs.