Friday, 30 March 2012

The daughter's boyfriend

Our 14 year old has a lovely boyfriend.  She keeps many of her friends away from the house because her younger brother drives her nuts and she is also not sure how to explain that she has a dad and 2 moms who all live and sleep together.

So - yesterday we took the plunge and explained the poly nature of our relationship.  He said he kinda figured it out already and he didn't care.  He then helped make dinner, ate with us, helped clean up and walked her over to her friends house. 

I have to say it was a wonderful experience for her to have.  This young man is quite lovely and sweet to her.  He is far more ready for this relationship that our daughter but he is being very respectful and going at her pace.  I think he knows that she would squish him like a bug if he doesn't.

This has brought up many things for me.  The whole poly relationship really isn't that weird to people.  The popularity of Sister Wives and Big Love has captivated the interest of many people.  What confuses them is that we are a triad, we are all involved with each other.  That seems to make them more accepting and bend their brains all at the same time. 

We are never overtly public with affection, ok sometimes we are, and it is always up to the kids to tell their friends and share with who they want to share with. 

We have been living this way for over 3 years now - it is amazing how much my life and my perceptions of life have changed.

In addition to acceptin my sexuality, my kinky side and battling my jealousies I have also developed a hightly spiritual side which takes me on another completely differnt journy.  RIght now that journey involves completely decluttering my environmnet and living with less. 

I have always teetered on that hoarding behavior of hanging onto things because it has an emotional attacment or I may need it someday.  I have blown through that and am purging like a mad woman!  It feels awesome.

I am really looking forward to this weekend and getting rid of more stuff!!!

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