Saturday, 31 March 2012

Saturday Mornings

I really love quiet mornings.
Wifey is at work.
Hubby is sleeping.
Son is playing on FB.
Daughter is relaxing and watching a movie.
Father in Law has retreated to his room.

This allows me a few minutes of "ahhhhhhh" in my day to drink hot coffee and think about what I have to get done.

Today's exciting adventures include laundry, sewing dance costumes, sorting out my music studio, baking and cooking, and hosting a couple friends who have generously offered to come and assist with some vehicle repairs. 

As much as I usually think my chaotic life is 'normal', these quiet mornings are rare and allow me to become way more centered and focused about what I need to do. 

Before I do anything else - turn up the heat and pour more coffee!!!

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