Sunday, 1 April 2012

A is for Atypical

Atypical - a word that usually brings up thoughts of 'not normal' or 'different' but really it is a word I really enjoy.  I live an atypical life.  My relationships, my spiritual views, my parenting style, my views on life in general are atypical if you pay attention to mainstream media.

The things that I view as atypical in my life . . .
- there are 3 people in my relationship with standard and bdsm dynamics
- my 14 year old daughter is able to stand up to friends and not crumble to peer pressure
- my 13 year old son has anxiety, adhd, dyslexia, dysgraphia and borders the autism specturm enough to have the behaviors but not the diagnosis
- my husbands father lives with us and is the cause of a lot of marital stress
- I am a pagan and on a pretty intense spiritual journey
- we participate in mediveal recreation and I have a slight (ok huge) obsession with textile realated stuff
- and there is more . . . .

Now, my life is just my life.  I don't look at it as anything other than my reality until I start trying to explain it to someone.  It is their reactions of shock, confusion and all the questions of 'how does that work?' that make me realize how different it is. 

My entire life I have not followed the mainstream on anything.  I think I caused my mother to go grey at a young age with my piercings and my hair and my makeup.  She was very patient with me but she still doesn't understand me or my life. 

For many years I didn't understand why everyone couldn't just accept me for who I am because I accept then for who they are (another atypical response).  I have finally had to accept that not everyone is able to just accept others as they are.  I can do that, it makes sense to me.  So I just live my life.  If others choose to be part of it then I welcome them in. 

Now - for the rest of my day I get to think about what my 'B' post will be about tomorrow . . . BDSM, Brother, Boredom . . . .

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  1. Love it. Very Brave and I have a couple that I know that has an open relationship that has the same theory on life! Amazing isn't it? Love! Why do other people care who and how?! grr. :)

    Great blog!

    Saffron Wine