Monday, 6 February 2012


There are many types of events in my life:

Medieval Recreation Events
Fetish Events
Pagan Events
Family Events
Volunteer Events
School Events

My calendar just gets clogged and double booked and I feel like I am abandoning parts of my life to participate in others.  My mentor has told me to remember that I am a many faceted person but to never forget that I am whole. 

Rigth now the events that I am missing most are medieval events because i am feeling out of touch with that part of my life as well as missing my friends something fierce.  I am missing being a part of that community.

It seems like I could attend and organize and participate in events all the time as long as I didn't have to work, pay bills, housework, parent, or nurture partner relationships.

This is why my life gets complicated - here is an example of what we are supposed to do on the upcoming weekend - we obviously won't get to it all . . .

Saturday - supposed to go to a neighboring city an hour away and teach fetish classes all day, go to a dinner and then a play party in the evening.  This is a kid free event.
Sunday - up at 6am to head to a neighboring city an hour the other direction to volunteer all day cooking and hosting. This would be a kid free event.
Monday - work all day.  Evening brings me teaching, kids at archery with hubby and wifey and the third anniversary of wifey moving in.
Tuesday - work all day.  Evening brings fight practice for medieval group and valentines day.

As you can see there are many conflicts to participate in these events.  We either abandon the chidlren for the weekend and have adult time.  We divide and conquer but then disconnect as a triad.  We don't attend and spend time as a family.  We do a bit of it all and make the best of the situations.

The weekdays bring their own set of difficulties.

Looking into the future life looks just as crazy.  One day I will figure out how to balance all these events.  Maybe after I win the lottery . . .

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