Friday, 3 February 2012

Space Challenges

Yesterday was a challenge of a weird sort.

Almost 2 years ago my father in law moved in for just a couple of months to get settled in a new community.  He has never left.  This has caused a huge space issue in our house.

Wifey and I had an office/sewing room.  She sacrificed her office space and we put all the sewing stuff in short term storage for his move in.  Well - he has never moved out so this has caused some major space cruch challenges.

Last night I was trying to clear more space in the dining room - this displaced a bunch of stuff that had just been stored in very akward spots.  Much of it was mine, some was hubby and the kids, but a chunch was wifey's.  This caused a lot of resentment and old feelings to bubble up.  Everything from the intrusion of an in-law to not feeling like she has her own space.

I understand all that - I really do - but we can't just live like hoarders-in-training . . . it is not cool!

We talked about it and the feelings are calmer but the underlying problem is not solved, and I am not sure how to solve it.

Over the last year I have been doing a huge purge of uneccessary stuff .  In doing this I am able to give the stuff I love proper homes.  That is a nice feeling.

Maybe it is time for a huge house shuffle once again - move things around . . . that is always fun!

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