Tuesday, 14 February 2012

What you get used to as 'normal'

The subject of why my relationship is 'complicated' came up yesterday with someone I know.  I was very honest with them about the poly portion of things.  I thought their head was going to pop off.  Not that we are poly or that I have two partners, but that we all live together as a trio instead of a duo. 

Why is it more acceptable to have two partners who don't know each other?  Why is our society so stuck on the theory that a relationship must only include two people? 

For many years I was one of those duos who couldn't see anything else for my life but I also didn't see that as the ONLY way to live.  My mind was open to other options - just not for me.  Then I met someone else and understood how love can increase and encompass and be okay by sharing it all.

I also find it interesting how many people would be willing to have multiple partners as long as those people didn't have multiple partners.  This just points to how insecure so many people in the world are about their own worth in relationships.

must muddle this one through my brain some more.

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