Wednesday, 1 February 2012

New year, new focus

For awhile I wondered if this second blog was a good idea.  There many days that I barely make it through the day dealing with the 'must-do' list.

The last few months have really changed my perception on life.  October, November and December were very intenseive months for multiple reasons. 

October I took a 3 day intensive Tarot class from an amazing instructor.  This changed my view of the tarot and how to use it as a tool in life.  In November I had my long awaited jaw surgery and was out of life for about a month.  I was also able to participate in a 4 day intensive workshop with the same instructor as the Tarot class covering many deep introspective things.  December I was back at work, finished my course on psychic development, got through Christmas and then New Years.

During all that wifey got bad news - her father fell ill and passed away.  This was devestating for her.  She has not been close to him for many years however it is never easy to loose a parent.  This made much of the holiday a challenge, and rightly so.

Through all this introspection and life changing events I have had much time to re-evaluate my own life and the relationships in it.  Some of it has been great and I have been able to put many things to rest in my head.  In some other ways it has caused some issues that I currently don't know how to hande.

I have realized that sometimes I don't write because I just don't know where to start - Sometimes I wish there was a 'prompt' button that I cold just push and get a topic!  I am sure there is one out there . . . just have to find it.

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