Monday, 2 April 2012

B is for Brother

I have a brother.  Most of my closest friends don't even know I have this particular relative.  When they see a picture of him or hear me talk about him the seem shocked.

My brother is 18 months older than me.  Growing up we were 2 school grades apart.  He was shorter than me (which pissed him off) and was also really natrually quiet, charming and very popular.  He understood the social game that I never did. 

Basically I was a bit of an embarassment to him - I was tall, heavy, geeky, loud, and had strange friends.  He never could just talk to me at school.  We kinda pretended we didn't know each other - it was easier on him.

Since leaving school we have really drifted apart.  He came to my wedding, I went to his.  He is an amazing uncle to my kids when he sees them.  He has recently separated from his wife and we exchanged a brief text conversation. 

I am not sure he will ever figure out how to speak to me - I just don't fit his mould of what I should be.  He is the golden child of the family because he has been successful in the material aspect of things.  He has done all the correct things, has money for vacations, is a neat freak, etc. 

If we met in a social venue we would never connect on a social level.  The only thing that connects us is DNA. 

I hope that his new life will make him happy.  I have nothing but the best of thoughts and wishes for him.  I really wish that things were different between us and I have tried - he is just not receptive.

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