Monday, 23 April 2012

T is for Totally Overwhelmed!!

I have this problem of getting WAY too many good ideas.  Now I have hit crunch time on my good ideas!!!!

In 4 days I will be heading to this amazing thing called Spring Festival of Awareness

I have only ever participated in the past but this year I am attending as a vendor and a healer.  The healer bit is not too stressful - I show up for my sessions and do my thing.  The vendor bit is slightly more stressful! 

We are selling two things . . . First is the glass beads that the lovely wife makes . . .
and that is just a part of the inventory.

Second are the new adventure of the upcycled fairy coats/ armwarmers/ hoodies/ hats etc . . .!/DeadFishResurections

It is all totally exciting and popular and fun and makes it possible to explore a partial living on being an artist!  I am super thrilled about it.  This week is going to be nothing but manufacturing, inventory, price tags, packing and organizing.  I started last night and all it made me realize is how much I still have to do. 

I don't mind being totally overwhelmed in a good way like this - it is completely exciting.

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  1. Oh, overwhelmed with fun stuff is the best way to be! Good luck getting all prepped!