Wednesday, 18 April 2012

P is for People Who Just Don't Listen

When I was living in Victoria, BC and going to University we had a habit of moving . . . a lot . . . like every 10 - 12 months.  Always looking for the better and cheaper place to live.  Needless to say we went through a lot of phone numbers in our time there.

At that time Telus (the phone company) would reassign phone numbers after 3 months of no use so it was essential to have a new phone book or just be patient with a lot of wrong numbers.  This was before Canada 411 for looking up phone numbers on-line as well.

SO . . . about the same time as the moves a certain Canadian gas station was renovating all their store fronts which shut down their business for about 4 months - so guess what . . . when we moved into a neighbourhood where there was a gas station renovation just finishing up . . . we got their old phone number!  Fun times. 

For ease of description here are the weird terms you need to know:  Petro Can is the name of the gas station.  Shelbourne & MacKenzie is the major intersection where the renovated gas station lives.

SO - we move in and we get many, many phone calls asking for the Shelbourne and MacKenzie Petro Can.  We would politely explain the mix up, direct them to find a current phone book and life would go on.  There would be the odd confused person that would take longer to convince them we were not just workers that were slacking!

One weekend morning we were all home (my, my hubby and our two roommates) and the phone rings.  I answer it with a standard "Hello?" and this is the how the next few minutes went . . .

"Hi - is this the Shelbourn and MacKenzie Petro Can?"
"No - this isn't.  They have changed phone numbers.  You need to get the new phone book and call that number.  This number has been reassigend to a residential number."
"Oh - ok.  Thanks"

1 minute later the phone rings.

"Hi - is this the Shelbourn and MacKenzie Petro Can?" (voice is the same as above caller)
"No - I just spoke to you and explained that they have a new number.  You need to find the new phone book and call that number.  This is a private residence."
"Oh - ok.  Thanks"

we all look at each other and shake our heads.
1 minute later the phone rings.

"Hi - is this the Shelbourne and MacKenzie Petor Can?"(voice is still the same as above caller)
less polite this time "No - again this is a private number.  Please look up the correct number in the new phone book."
"Oh - ok.  Thanks" (seriously . . . again she said the same thing)

we all look at each other and roll our eyes and laugh a little at how special some folks are.
1 minute laster the phone rings again!
My husband grabs is and this is what we all hear him say . . .

"Good morning - Shelbourne and MacKenzie Petro Can.  How can I help you today?"
"Oh really, ok - what day was that?"
"Saturday is busy but we could do Sunday"
"Yes 9am sounds good"
"No - just bring your buckets and supplies and whatever signs you need"
"Excellent - see you then!"

He arranged a carwash for this girls soft ball team as a fundraiser!!!

We felt bad, kinda - but honestly . . . .
We almost got lawn chairs and popcorn to watch the show at 9am on that Sunday morning but we slept in and missed it.  Still don't know what happened!


  1. That's great! With some people that's all you can do it seems like. Great post and I look forward to visiting for the rest of the A to Z Challenge!

    Just a Nice Girl

  2. That is Hysterical! :D

    I'm over my flu now...back to visiting people's blogs! Thanks for all your comments on mine this past week!