Monday, 9 April 2012

H is for Home(stead)

Home is where you live, where you are from, etc

I think all of us have a vision in our heads of how we want our home to look, dream rooms, dream yards etc.  I think my dream home has a decorator, a maid, a gardener and a personal assistant to keep me focused. 

I have always had a dream of having a house like on the movie Practical Magic but with a HUGE yard on the edge of the city so I can have chickens and goats and sheep and a greenhouse etc.  I have this idea of having an 'emo' farm - Llamas, Aracuna Chickens, Herdforshire Cattle, Angora and Mohair critters etc - oh - and a sheepdog.  They all have hair in their eyes - hence the emo farm!!
I want this farm so I can harvest all the fleece and fibre from my critters and turn it into wonderful textile creations. 

Other things I would love to have . . .
- a great room with huge high ceilings that lots of people could hang out in.
- a huge kitchen that opens onto the above great room
- a custom made master bedroom to accomodate 3 people
- a weaving/sewing room
- a spiritual retreat room
- a brew room/wine cellar
- a properly vented studio for lampworking
- a home theater
- an adult play room
- guest rooms
- and in the yard . . . we want to build a living history viking homestead

So . . . the diverse interests of our family make it near imposslibe to persue hobbies and work and maintain the dream home.  So . . . along with the decorateor, the maid, the gardener and the personal assisitant I also need a winning lottery ticket or a rich patorn who wants to see me make cool stuff . . .

In reality - my home is a 2400 sq foot 4 bedroom house.  It has 4 adults and 2 teenagers living here and it is cramped and cluttered and in need of some basic maintenance.  Daily I attempt to get rid of things to make it less cluttered but the stuff seems to breed!  I don't know exactly how that happens.

One day . . . . I will keep dreaming . . .

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