Saturday, 14 April 2012

M is for Meditation

Meditation has always been a mystery to me.  For years I wondered how just sitting quietly and living in your head could be helpful.  That is becaue my head is not a quiet or restful place to be!  The buddists call it Monkey Mind. 

In the spring I started going to a weekly meditation group.  The first few times I really struggled but I was assured that even meditation takes practice.  Finally it started to become easier and I found that every time I went to the group it was like a re-set button on all the stress and tension in my body and brain.  Now I can't even imagine life without mediation.  We have had a break from the group because the woman who leads it has been away and ill.  I now have to take the leap and do some independant mediataion and that scared me a bit - not sure why, but it does.
Through meditation I have also discovered Metaphysics.  I have always know the word but less about the overall philosophy.  I am still learning and there are so many things that I don't understand but it is interesting.

Lots of M words today!

My overall favorite M word is mom.

I also love the word making because I love making stuff.


  1. I just can't meditate. It's not in me to sit still that way. I either get bored or fall asleep. Yoga pretty much fills the place of meditation for me. As long as I can keep moving, I can get my mind centered.

  2. What method do you use to meditate? I'm trying to work it into my life, but I have no idea where to start.


    1. I actually use guided mediatation. I used to try it on my own and just fall asleep. And that is fine too! I still a lot of times relax so much I do doze off but then when we get called back into an awake state and discuss I find that I wasn't really asleep - I had lots going on in my head. I have to have some noise, music, guided stuff, etc going on in the background to focus on or my monkey mind takes over.