Monday, 16 April 2012

N is for No

No is a word I struggle with.  I have what you call helium hand - people ask if anyone wants to volunteer to do something and my hand magically floats in the air.  I don't want it too . . . it just happens!  I am the queen of overcommiting myself to tasks and jobs.

I work very hard and curbing this.  I take a chaperone to voluneer committee meetings, I have been known to sit on my hands, my partners have been known to contact the coordinator ahead of time and tell them I am not allowed to do jobs etc.  I think one time, when I was contemplating taking on a large job for a National voluneer group he asked if there was enough money in their bank account to pay for my divorce . . . . it was all in good fun but he got his point accross!

My kids have zero problem saying NO to things.  They are old pros at it!

My most difficult tasks to say NO to are the ones that spark my creative energy - I get totally energized when I am excieted about a project, and then that project ignites another project and so on and so on etc . . . . .

It gets overwhelming when my music studio is drowning in fiber and fabric and my dining room table is lost under piles of sweaters being up-cycled and my chair that I relax in is like a spiked fence because there are knitting projects stashed in the cusions . . . . sigh . . . .

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