Thursday, 5 April 2012

E is for Everywhere

Everywhere is the most mis-used word by my children and partners mostly used in the sentance "I have looked everywhere for it and I can't find it".  My answer is usually "You didn't look everywhere because if you did you would have it".  They don't like this answer.

I think the main difference is in the way we remember where things were left or in the way we look for things.  With the kids they go to the last place they remember it being.  This could be from last summer and they been to that spot hundreds of time since, but they are shocked when the item they want isn't magically there.  With the partners they view themselves as highly organized and it should be where they 'think' they left it.  This is not necessarily where it actually is.  Because I am a 'piler nor a filer' the blame gets placed on me to have lost it.

I am also the one who seems to find the lost objects. 

I have never been a completely organized or neat person.  I work really hard at de-cluttering and letting things go daily.  Right now I am on a "decluttering for fun a profit" kick - I have been selling items on an online local swap type site.  It has been totally fun.  I have made more than I would at a yard sale and I am meeting some lovely people.

I guess E is also for Easter . . . . and that is this weekend.  Chocolate bunny day is always good!!

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  1. Everywhere & Not me are closely related in my house.